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Visitors traveling from the United States into Canada or vice versa can use any of the following six ports of entry:

  1. Aden, Alberta/Whitlash, Montana
  2. Carway, Alberta/Peigan, Montana
  3. Del Bonita, Alberta/Del Bonita, Montana
  4. Wild Horse, Alberta/Wild Horse, Montana
  5. Coutts, Alberta/Sweetgrass, Montana  (open all year, daily 24 hour service)
  6. Chief Mountain, Alberta/Chief Mountain, Montana

For further information on border crossings, you can contact any of the following:

Important Customs and Immigration Information

  • Visitors from all countries will need a valid passport to enter Canada. They may also require other documentation such as a visas or alien card. Check with a Canadian embassy to ensure you have the proper documentation to enter the country.
  • Persons under 18 years traveling without their parents should have a letter of authorization from a parent or guardian to travel into Canada.