Bayshore Inn and Waterton Glacier Suites Career Opportunities

Opportunity is waiting

Are you energetic and trustworthy? Do you enjoy working with people and learning new things? Do you do your job without complaint and unhesitatingly help your fellow workers with their tasks? Are you self-motivated, ready to look for tasks that need to be done before you are asked to do them? Do you take pride in a job well done, no matter what the job is? If so, we at the Bayshore Inn and Waterton Glacier Suites are interested in employing you. We need people who are ready, willing and able to make our hotels an exciting and comfortable place to visit. If you meet the requirements mentioned above, if you deal with people in an open, honest and direct way, and if you are interested in working in a beautiful mountain setting and meeting a lot of interesting new people, please apply. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

We are hiring employees for the following positions:

We attempt to match your background and skills to the openings available, but this may not always be the case, so it is advisable that you remain flexible relative to your job selection and we will attempt to place you in the best position for you and the organization. The applicants who are “open” concerning their job choices will often be hired over those with specific requirements as to job classification. We encourage Travel & Tourism, Hotel-Restaurant, Management and Business students who receive summer credit for on-the-job experience.

About Our Hotels

The Bayshore Inn Resort & Spa is a full service Hotel-Resort complex located on the shores of Upper Waterton Lake. Waterton Glacier Suites is an all-suite accommodation located in the heart of Waterton Village. The altitude in Waterton is 4200 ft. This may take a bit of adjustment for those not accustomed to living at this altitude.

About Waterton

If you are interested in hiking, backpacking, fishing or photography, then Waterton is the place for you. While you will work hard in your position with us, the Rocky Mountain atmosphere and the camaraderie of your fellow employees will makes the work seem less strenuous than it would elsewhere. We encourage individual applicants who are looking for the chance to meet with and work with other young people from all parts of the country.

The health and safety of our employees is of the utmost importance to us at the Bayshore Inn and Waterton Glacier Suites. If accepted for a position, please be aware that you will be working in a remote environment, and at elevations over 4000 feet. Medical facilities are in excess of 40 kilometers away. If you have reason to be concerned about your health, or have a medical condition that requires regular medical care, we strongly encourage you to consult your physician before applying for employment. The Bayshore Inn and Waterton Glacier Suites does not have the ability to accommodate special diets.

Your Availability

Exact dates that you can be available for work at the Bayshore Inn or Waterton Glacier Suites are the singularly most important factor in our hiring process. Be very specific when entering your starting and ending dates. DO NOT GUESS at these dates. Check with your registrar for the specific starting dates for fall sessions. The Bayshore Inn is open from May 1 to October 15. Waterton Glacier Suites is open year-round. The closer your availability dates conform to our needs, the better the chance for placing you. Once again, major emphasis is placed on your ending date. Please allow for travel time to and from Waterton. Please consider the cost of round trip transportation before sending us your application.


We adhere to minimum hourly wages,based upon the Alberta Labour Act governing minimum wages. This does not mean we pay minimum wage, each position is a different wage, certain positions have an hourly bonus paid. This is a incentive payment by the employer upon the successful completion of the contract. BREAKING OF THE EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT FOR ANY REASON AUTOMATICALLY FORFEITS ANY BONUS, TIPS AND GRATUITIES.

Employment Agreement

If you are employed by us, you will be sent a contract to sign and return to us. Our receipt of your signed agreement indicates your approval of pay rate, employment dates and other stated conditions. A $125.00 CDN accommodation/damage/contract completion deposit payable to the Bayshore Inn must accompany your signed agreement. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THE ENTIRE AMOUNT WILL BE FORFEITED IF YOUR CONTRACT IS BROKEN FOR ANY REASON PRIOR TO REPORTING TO OR COMPLETION DATE STIPULATED IN YOUR CONTRACT. This is a non refundable deposit and will be treated as an administration fee if you do not take the job. You will be required to pay for one month of meals and lodging in advance for each month ($325.00).

The Employment Process

We look forward to receiving your fully completed application at the earliest possible date. Any letters, pictures, recommendations or supporting materials you may wish to send will greatly assist us in processing your application. Many of the positions we offer are in the ‘back of the house’ type jobs with no public contact. There are a great number of jobs available in housekeeping, laundry, and our kitchen areas as we hire many more people in these departments than any other.

Major Guidelines & Policies

All employees must be 18 years of age or older, and be able to prove their age.

You are expected to maintain good personal hygiene and proper standards of appearance both on and off the job. It will be the decision of management to judge the appearance of all employees including hair lengths, hairstyles, mustaches, facial piercings, etc. In cases where management feels the dress or appearance to be exaggerated or not in good taste, the employees must abide by the decision or leave the employment of the Bay Shore Inn and Waterton Glacier Suites.

All employees must be willing and able to be bonded. Employees are housed in dormitories. We do not provide towels or bedding. You are expected to maintain your housing in a clean and orderly manner. Employees will be held responsible for damage to company property resulting in carelessness or malicious mischief and will be charged accordingly.

We allow motor vehicles, but the employees must agree to abide by the parking and driving regulations established for the Bayshore Inn and Waterton Glacier Sites by Parks Canada. Stereos, radios, etc. are allowed but employees should be advised not to bring extremely valuable items with them. The company will not be responsible for loss of personal belongings. Employee meals will be eaten in the employee cafeteria during specified times only.

The company reserves the right to terminate the employment of anyone at any time whose behavior discredits their fellow employees and/or the company. Examples include excessive drinking, immoral conduct and any illegal activities. We have a limited number of mid-season positions available. If you are attending summer school, please advise us to your availability dates and we will keep your application on file and contact you as the need arises.

False information on this application, and on any other forms, is grounds for termination of employment.

In Conclusion

If you are interested in the hospitality industry and would like to find out more about working with the teams at the Bayshore Inn or Waterton Glacier Suites, feel free to contact us by phone or email. We would be happy to answer your questions about the great opportunities that could await you at with us in Waterton Lakes National Park.

If you are accepted, you will be interviewed & notified by phone. email or Skype. You will need to sign and return your employment contract, and enclose the $125.00. If you do not hear from us, we were unable to place you this season. Be sure to fill out the application and return it as soon as possible. A recent photo is not required but recommended, as interviews cannot be conducted in person.

There is a link at the bottom of this page to an employment application, which must be filled out in its entirety, stating full addresses of all references and employers. Please include all postal codes, email addresses and phone numbers including the area code. Any application that is not complete will not be considered.

Click here to submit an application for employment.