Waterton Seasons


Waterton Lakes National Park is open to the public year round.

Winter is by far the quietest season in Waterton.  Snow and ice formations define the landscape, blanketing this beautiful park in white. Travelers still come to Waterton during the winter season to snowshoe, cross country ski, ice climb and get glimpses of wildlife that includes everything from bighorn sheep to river otters.  While very few services are available to visitors during this season, cozy lodge accommodations are available at the Waterton Glacier Suites year round and the some of the best dining at the all new Red Rock Cafe in the Glacier Suites.

There is no fee to enter Waterton Park during the winter season.

During the fall months, the days are still long and often unseasonably warm. Travelers come from far and wide to bird watch, view wildlife, golf, hike or drive one of Waterton’s many scenic parkways. While most services close down for the season in mid-October, the Waterton Glacier Suites is a welcome retreat for guests year round.

There is a fee charged to enter the park until October 31st.

As the blanket of snow retreats into Waterton’s creeks and lakes, a new landscape emerges, giving rise to one of Waterton’s most unique ecological features: more than 50% of Alberta’s plant species are found in Wateron Park, and include rare species you will not see anywhere else.

Many other spring activities emerge as the park comes back to life, including camping, golfing, water sports and wildlife watching.  By mid-May most services are fully operational in Waterton Village, including a full array of accommodations, dining and shopping.

There is a fee charged to enter the park from May to October 31st.

July and August are by far the busiest months in Waterton Lakes National Park. There is an endless list of things to do and places to stay. If you are planning a trip to Waterton during these months, it is important to book your accommodation in advance.

There is a fee charged to enter the park from May to October 31st

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