There are many activities in Waterton for the whole family to enjoy
Water Activities


Waterton Lakes National Park more than lives up to its name where water enthusiasts are concerned. It offers a Rocky Mountain quartet of spectacular alpine lakes and bays that connect for mile after blissful mile.

Nature Exploring


Waterton Lakes National Park is a national treasure for so many reasons, chief among them its unique and unusually diverse ecology. Waterton Lakes is one of the narrowest places in the Rocky Mountains, creating an unusually rich ecological meeting place for fragrant evergreen forests, wind-swept prairies, towering Rocky Mountains and deep glacial lakes.

Horseback Riding Waterton


Waterton Lakes National Park is an astonishing mixture of natural beauty and human history – wild, pure and completely unforgettable. Visitors to Waterton Park can relive the experience of the original visitors to Waterton most thrillingly and authentically – by horseback

Waterton Lakes Golf Course


Golf enthusiasts will enjoy all that the Waterton Park area has to offer. From panoramic Rocky Mountain vistas to challenging natural hazards, sloping lush fairways.

Waterton Hiking Grid


Hiking enthusiasts from all over the world travel to Waterton Lakes National Park to experience the thrill and natural beauty that our Rocky Mountain terrain offers. With almost 200 miles of hiking trails within its boundaries, Waterton Park offers something for hikers of all levels and abilities, with varied terrain, skilled guides, numerous interpretive trails and loops.



With more than 200 miles of trail in Waterton Lakes National Park, it is not surprising that hundreds of adventure-seeking cyclists are drawn to Waterton’s alpine slopes and valleys each year.