Tucked into the southwest corner of Alberta, the Crowsnest Pass offers visitors friendly people, good facilities, great restaurants, unique shopping and services and a peek into a fascinating history. The breathtaking scenery of the majestic Rocky Mountains is your backdrop as you enjoy the numerous recreational opportunities and historic resources that this area has to offer. Be sure to take some time to explore the Crowsnest Pass on your next trip to Waterton.

These attractions are within 60 minutes of Waterton Lakes National Park.

Crowsnest Pass Attractions

Frank Slide

The Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, in southern Alberta’s spectacular Crowsnest Pass, overlooks Canada’s deadliest rockslide. See and hear first-hand what happened the night Turtle Mountain fell. Enjoy engaging storytelling, interactive displays, gripping accounts, and award-winning shows.

Located in the Crowsnest Pass, the Frank Slide Interpretive Center is approximately 60 minutes from Waterton Lakes National Park.

Bellevue Underground Mine

Visitors are provided with a unique insight into the mining heritage of the area through guided tours of a retired underground coal mine as well as educational and interpretive programming. Visitors don authentic mining gear and with an interpretive guide experience part of life a miner of the time would experience.

Located in the Crowsnest Pass, the Bellevue Underground Mine is approximately 60 minutes from Waterton Lakes National Park.

Hillcrest Mine Disaster Memorial

In June 1914, 189 coal miners were killed in an underground explosion in Hillcrest, Alberta, many of whom were buried in a mass gravesite at the cemetery. The Hillcrest Mines Memorial Cemetery has worked diligently to interpret the mass graves sites and the Hillcrest Mine Disaster, Canada’s worst mining disaster. Take the self-guided tour and learn about the effects of the Mine Disaster on the people of Hillcrest Mines.

Located in the Crowsnest Pass, the Hillcrest Memorial and Cemetery is approximately 60 minutes from Waterton Lakes National Park.

Leitch Collieries Provincial Historic Site

Established in 1907, Leitch Collieries was one of the largest and the only completely Canadian-owned coal and coke company in the Crowsnest Pass. The Leitch Collieries Provincial Historic Site offers visitors a unique chance to see the picturesque ruins of its coal processing facility provide insight into coal mining in the Crowsnest Pass. Visitors can explore the ruins through interpretive signs and guided tours. A pathway leads visitors past the remains of the coke oven, tipple and mine manager house, powerhouse and washery.

Located in the Crowsnest Pass, the Leitch Collieries Provincial Historic Site is approximately 60 minutes from Waterton Lakes National Park.