Water Activities


Waterton Lakes National Park more than lives up to its name where water enthusiasts are concerned. It offers a Rocky Mountain quartet of spectacular alpine lakes and bays that connect for mile after blissful mile.

Upper Waterton Lake stretches for 7 miles from the Waterton Townsite, across the International Boundary, and ends in Glacier National Park’s Goat Haunt region.

Middle Waterton Lake lies in the shadow of the Prince of Wales Hotel.

Lower Waterton Lake (locally known as Knight’s Lake in honor of an early superintendent of Waterton Lakes National Park) includes a serene side-trip to the Maskinonge, a prime bird habitat that is home to marshy grass and other natural wonders.

Emerald Bay, a haven for scuba divers and swimmers alike, offers one of the warmer Waterton Lakes experiences in its calm and turquoise waters.

Add to this nearby Cameron Lake and it is easy to see why Waterton Lakes is a great place for water sports of all kinds. From cruises to wind sailing, paddling to scuba diving, water enthusiasts have lots to choose from. Be forewarned, however. Waterton’s waters are glacial, making them a very chilly place for recreational swimming.

Boat Cruises on Waterton Lakes

Mid-Lake Wildlife Viewing

Canoeing, Kayaking and Paddling

Powerboats and Water Skiing

Wind Sailing

Scuba Diving

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