The only thing better than visiting Waterton Lakes National Park is waking up here. Whether you prefer the luxury of a resort hotel, the comfort of a Rocky Mountain lodge or a cozy mountain chalet experience, there are many Waterton accommodations choices.

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A Guide To Find Waterton Hotels Offering Best Accommodations

Waterton Lakes National Park

Welcome to Waterton Hotels, your ultimate guide to finding your ultimate accommodation resource in the breathtaking village of Waterton. Located in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Waterton offers stunning natural beauty and a wide range of outdoor activities. Finding the perfect Waterton accommodation is essential to enhance your experience. We’re here to help you navigate hotels in Waterton and make an informed choice.

Research On Waterton Hotels:

Begin your search by exploring the different types of Waterton accommodations. There’s something for everyone, from lakeside lodges to cozy cabins and budget-friendly hotels in Waterton. Consider your preferences, budget, and the amenities you require in Waterton hotels.

Check Online Reviews:

Once you have a list of potential Waterton accommodations, read online reviews from previous guests. Websites like TripAdvisor and Booking.com provide valuable insights into other travellers’ experiences. Look for consistent positive feedback regarding cleanliness, friendly staff, and comfortable facilities in Waterton accommodations.

Location Matters:

Waterton is known for its stunning landscapes, so consider Waterton hotels that offer convenient access to the attractions you want to explore. Whether you’re interested in hiking, wildlife spotting, or scenic drives, proximity to these activities can save you valuable time. Look for hotels in Waterton that are centrally located.

Compare Prices Of Waterton Accommodations:

Take the time to compare prices and availability across different platforms. While booking directly with Waterton hotels can always offer better deals, remember to check third-party websites for competitive rates and package deals on Waterton accommodations.

Book Waterton Hotels in Advance:

Waterton is a popular tourist destination, especially during peak seasons. Make reservations well in advance to secure your preferred accommodation at Waterton Hotels. Early booking not only guarantees availability but may also offer discounted rates for Waterton accommodations.

Seek Recommendations:

Contact friends, family, or online communities for recommendations. Personal experiences and firsthand advice can be invaluable when selecting the best Waterton accommodations.

Finding good accommodation in Waterton hotels is crucial for an unforgettable experience. By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to discovering the perfect Waterton hotels away from home in this picturesque mountain town. Happy travels!

Bayshore Inn & Spa


As the only Waterton hotel located right on the shores of beautiful Waterton Middle Lake, this rustic family-owned & operated hotel is Alberta’s best-kept secret. With friendly service and located in the heart of the village, Bayshore Inn & Spa is in the heart of the village, steps from shops, restaurants, activities, bike rentals, the marina and so much more!

Waterton Glacier Suites


Waterton accommodation at Glacier Suites provides everything you need for the perfect mountain getaway right in the heart of Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada and is one of the few Waterton hotels that is open all year round.

Other options of where to stay in Waterton hotels include: